The Experience To Win Scarborough & Whitby

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    The Experience To Win Scarborough & Whitby

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      My Message to Members

      My Message to Members

      Whitby 2021

      In 1998 my life changed forever when my second child was born with a rare chromosome disorder. After eighteen years of Tory rule, services and support for families like mine were non-existent. 

      The devastation of being told by a busy consultant that my son may never see, walk or talk was replaced by anger. I led a campaign for a trained nurse to be with parents at the point of diagnosis so that no-one else would go through the same experience. 

      One successful campaign led to another. I found my voice and I used it to speak up for families with children and young adults with special needs and disabilities.

      I’ve been fighting for change for over twenty years. Most recently I formed a campaign group and helped crowdfund £10,000 to challenge York City Council over their decision to exclude Blue Badge holders from the city centre. We’ve made national headlines and we’re determined to make York accessible to all.

      107 web

       I know many families in our towns and villages are struggling to care for their vulnerable loved ones. Services which fell away during Covid have not been reinstated and families are in crisis. The Tories don’t care about families like ours. But Labour does.  

      Scarborough & Whitby needs an MP who will fight hard for change, to help those without a voice be heard and make their lives better in tangible ways. I am that person and I stand ready to champion you and your families.

      I’ve been tested in tough elections, and I understand the hard work and infrastructure that winning for Labour involves. I’m an experienced candidate and a tenacious campaigner able to lead and inspire a team. 

      Scarborough & Whitby deserves better, and I can deliver it. 

      Together we can beat Robert Goodwill. The fightback starts with your vote for Alison Hume.


      My Priorities


      I am currently splitting my time between a family home in the constituency and my home in York, but will move over full-time if selected.

      To be an active, approachable and enthusiastic candidate, ready and willing to be there for campaign sessions, phone-banking, fundraising and social events.

      To work with councillors, members, unions and affiliates to create an unbeatable grassroots campaign to beat Robert Goodwill or his replacement.

      To fundraise for a campaign organiser to support the work of the CLP, our hard working councillors and community leaders.

      To grow our movement, nurture talent and  ensure all members feel part of my diverse and inclusive team.

      My 6 Priorities as your next MP

      Protecting our NHS

      Scarborough Hospital is badly resourced and struggling to recruit staff. No-one can see a dentist – a situation that hasn’t changed in years. I’ll work tirelessly to give everyone in Scarborough & Whitby access to good quality healthcare, with a focus on children and young people.

      Protection for Women & GIRLS

      Violence against women and girls is an epidemic. Victims are trapped in their homes with their abusers. As your MP I will ensure the women’s refuge at Danes Dyke, Scarborough is built, champion delivery of preventative work in schools and better support for child victims.

      Better, more affordable homes

      Locals are struggling to find homes to rent. Whitby is hollowed out by air bnbs. We need a licence system for short term lets with quotas decided locally. I’ll work with our councillors to deliver their plans to build affordable homes in Scarborough and Whitby.

      Delivering environmental justice

      Too much of our bathing water is polluted. I will call for the nationalisation of Yorkshire Water. Did dredging for Ben Houchen’s freeport destroy seafood and livelihoods? I will demand answers. We need to do more to protect our birds and animals. I promise to act.

      Better Buses, Safer Roads

      As your MP I will lobby for better bus services in our constituency. The Conservative Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner has failed to deliver improved road safety in our villages. I will press for fixed and average speed cameras to end the blight of speeding.

      Breaking down barriers to opportunity

      As a mother of three, I am passionate about pushing for fairer funding across the whole constituency so we can deliver good quality education for every child. Support and services for children with special needs and disabilities will always be my priority.


      SATURDAY 11th March

      I’m keen to meet as many members as possible so I’ve set up a couple of informal Meet The Candidate drop ins on Saturday 11th March from 9am.

      Scarborough 9am - 12 midday

      I’ll be in Scarborough from 9am - 12 midday at Farrer’s at the Spa, Spa South Bay, Scarborough YO11 2HD.

      The venue is fully accessible & is dog friendly.

      Refreshments will be available so please come & find me in a booth!

      WHITBY 1.30PM - 4PM

      I’ll be in Whitby from 1.30 - 4pm at Flowergate Hall, Flowergate, YO21 3BA.

      We’ll be meeting downstairs in the cafe but for members with accessibility requirements there is a stairlift so we can chat in the hall.

      Refreshments will be available.

      Your views and priorities are important to me so please come along.

      SATURDAY 18th March

      Along with the other candidates I will be attending a Meet the Candidates session on Saturday 18th March from 11am

      WHITBY 11AM - 12.30PM

      I’ll be in Whitby from 11am to 12.30pm at Flowergate Hall, Flowergate, YO21 3BA.

      SCARBOROUGH 2pm- 4pm

      I’ll be in Scarborough from 2pm - 4pm at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Westborough, YO11 1JW.

      Please do come along and meet all the candidates.




      Cllr Liz Colling

      North Yorkshire Councillor Falsgrave and Stepney

      I am very pleased to be able to endorse Alison. She has the campaigning background, drive, energy and commitment that we need to take this seat for Labour and make a real difference to the lives of our residents.


      Joy Allen

      Durham Police and Crime Commissioner

      I have no hesitation in recommending Alison as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Scarborough & Whitby. She embodies all the principles and values the Labour Party holds dear. She is an excellent communicator, listener and campaigner who can be relied upon to stand up for all of her constituents. Alison is not afraid of speaking truth to power and has done so on many occasions including campaigning for justice in the struggle to end violence against women and girls.

      Jane Burton

      Jane Burton

      Disability Campaigner, Co-Founder York Accessibility Action.

      Alison started the #ClosedToUs petition in 2020 to challenge the Blue Badge ban in York city centre & went on to co-found York Accessibility Action. She is not only caring, she is courageous. I am proud to recommend Alison to Scarborough & Whitby members as a tireless supporter of disabled people.


      Richard Corbett CBE

      Former Yorkshire & Humber MEP

      I have seen Alison in action for many years and know the energy, focus and dedication she brings when asked to take on important roles. If you want a strong voice for victims of crime, safer spaces and communities as well as an effective advocate for the more vulnerable in Scarborough & Whitby, then I have no hesitation in commending Alison to members.

      Annie Thompson copy

      Annie Thompson

      Scarborough Labour Party Branch Membership Officer.

      I saw Alison speak at a conference and could see she clearly had the experience, determination and tenacity to stand up for what matters to ordinary people. I am therefore delighted to endorse Alison as our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Scarborough and Whitby.

      Cllr. Claire Douglas

      Cllr. Claire Douglas

      Leader of York Labour Group City of York Council

      Alison Hume has been a hugely committed and loyal colleague, effective campaigner, Women's Officer and Chair of Campaign Committee during my time as a member and now Leader of the Labour Group of Councillors at York CLP. I couldn't think of anyone better to fight your corner and get results for the Scarborough and Whitby Constituency.

      Justine Hughes

      Justine Hughes

      Labour Party Activist & 'Inspirational Influencer of the Year' 2022

      Having worked on multiple campaigns with Alison now, I wholeheartedly support her bid for Scarborough & Whitby. Alison has the strongest work ethic of anyone I've ever campaigned with and is a true voice for the voiceless. She would be an asset to the area.

      'Malley copy

      Cathal O’Malley

      Scarborough Labour Party Branch Chair & LGBTQ+ Officer

      I am delighted to support Alison as the Labour Party candidate for Scarborough & Whitby. Alison believes in true equality and will fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ members in our constituency.


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      Labour Party training and experience

      Future Candidate Pin

      Labour Party Future
      Candidate Training

      Rose White

      Jo Cox Women in
      Leadership Programme


      Co-operative Party Parliamentary Panel


      Labour Women’s Network Training Weekend

      Yorkshire & Humber Regional Committee Member since 2018

      Yorkshire & Humber MEP Candidate 2019

      North Yorkshire Police, Fire & Crime Candidate 2021

      York CLP: Women’s Officer 2019 – 2021, Campaign Committee Chair 2022


      ABOUT ME

      ABOUT ME

      107 web

      My mum was born in Hull, her father was a shipwright who travelled the country for work during the depression of the 1930s. My dad came from a family of glassblowers and teachers in York. In 1989 they bought a home in Whitby.  They both instilled in me the values of education, hard work, family and community. I consider bringing up my own three children (for the past twelve years as a sole parent), to be my greatest achievement. 

      Professionally, I am a well-established film and TV screenwriter and a part-time lecturer. I began my career as a journalist on local stories and progressed to working as a news editor at ITV Calendar before writing hard-hitting TV dramas. 

      Over my 20-year writing career I’ve tackled many important social issues in my scripts, including child abuse (The Vice) and male domestic violence (TV drama “Beaten”). In 2008 I won a BAFTA for “Summerhill” a drama about the famously radical school founded by the influential educationalist A.S. Neill.

      cake stall

      A lifelong Labour party member, a dedicated trade unionist and disability campaigner for over twenty years, I’ve spent decades successfully fighting to improve opportunities and services for people like my son. Recently I have led the #ClosedToUs campaign to overturn the Blue Badge ban in York city centre.

      I am a proud member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, Unison and UCU. I am a graduate of the Labour Women’s Network Training Programme, the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Training Programme, the Future Candidates Programme and a member of the Co-operative Party Westminster Panel. 

      I am a Director of a small independent production company which made my original show "The Sparticle Mystery" for CBBC.

      In my spare time I love taking walks with my rescue dog Tarka. She is also a trusty companion on the campaign trail!

      Want to donate to my campaign? Please email [email protected] or call me on 07763 449266.

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      New Way Ghaut, Whitby, Whitby YO22 4DH

      Want to donate to my campaign? Please email [email protected] or call me on 07763 449266

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